Pavimenti riscaldanti per esterni Pavimenti riscaldanti per esterni Pavimenti riscaldanti per esterni
Heat rises from the bottom upwards.
We simply exploit this principle.
Pannello riscaldante Mark III Italywarm We have developed a product that releases heat from bottom to top, creating a pleasant sensation that gently warms your body.
MARK III guarantees simple, efficient comfortable and uniform heating for outdoor spaces.
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your business with

MARK III project

A modular system of heating for external pavements 100% electric quick and easy to install.
Ideal for open spaces such as front terraces, hotels, restaurants, lounge bars and also for residential areas or private sport clubs.
It's a great way to turn any outdoor space into a warm, welcoming and elegant environment.
A project 100% made in Italy.
The outdoor space becomes a strong element of distinction. Attractive design and increasing the number of covers: all this will give a boost to your business.
Our customers who have installed MARK III in outdoor spaces increase the number of their customers in autumn and winter.

Return of investment

Ritorno dell'investimento Mark III Italywarm Our customers say there is a quick return on investment between 6 and 12 months.
The sales manager will help to estimate the return through the ROI calculator.

Easy to:

  • Design
  • Produce
  • Install
  • Manage
  • Maintain
Pannello Mark III Italywarm

Consumption: only 3.20 pounds a day

This is the actual cost of a 15 square meters floor active for 8 hours.
The MARK III electrical system controls the heating dynamics, enabling a stable temperature.

Pannello Mark III Italywarm

  • No masonry
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Quick ROI
  • Power efficiency
  • Very low consumption
  • Comfort and safety guaranteed
  • No maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Design and technology made in Italy

Only three components

MARK III is an environmentally friendly solution

Mark III Italywarm rispetta l'ambiente Our solution is 100% electric, clean and safe.
It meets the strictest safety certifications without generating any direct emission of CO2 or other harmful gas.
Even the painting process of the product has been designed to respect the environment by using certified powder paints Qualicoat.


  • The planking level can be chosen among a wide range of high quality and resistance gres porcelain finishings with a wood effect, resin or stone.
  • The heating panel integrates the electronic system.
  • The supporting structure is self leveling and certified.
Montaggio rapido di Mark III Italywarm

Technical features

Grado di protezione IP67 di Mark III Italywarm
  • 230 Volts power input
  • Power consumption 0.5 kW - 0.25 kW/h at constant-speed
  • Water and dust protection of electric and electronic components IP67 standard
  • Self levelling supporting structure
  • Vertical compression strength of 2093 Kg per module
  • Mechanical parts coated with powder paint Qualicoat certified (without any solvents)
  • No direct emission of CO2 or other harmful gas

Dimensions and weight

  • Dimensions 900 mm x 900 mm x 72 mm
  • Adjustable height (35 mm stroke)
  • Total weight of 43 Kg (18 kg of planking level)


A MKIII module placed in a 2 °C ambient temperature will provide 36 °C average temperature on the surface of the planking level in about 45 minutes.



MARK III is compliant with the EU requirements directives and EMC 2004/108/EC, LVD 2006/95/CE, ROHS 2011/65/UE applicable to the product.
The test results on electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety, protection against water and dust (IP 67), stress test and resistance show high quality and reliability.
Our product is compliant with the following standards:

  • EN 14411:2012 Appendix G group Bla
  • ISO 13006:2012 Appendix G group Bla

Manufacturer’s identification plate

Targhetta identificativa Mark III Italywarm
Components Technical features Standards Test results
Pavement Water absorption ISO 10545-3 Conform
Breaking stress ISO 10545-4 Conform
Flexural strength ISO 10545-4 Conform
Impact resistance ISO 10545-5 Conform
Planking level deep abrasion resistance ISO 10545-6 Conform
Linear thermal expansion coefficient ISO 10545-8 Conform
Thermal shocks resistance ISO 10545-9 Conform
Moisture-related elongation (in mm/m) ISO 10545-10 Conform
Frost resistance ISO 10545-12 Conform
Chemical products resistance ISO 10545-13 Conform
Stain resistance ISO 10545-14 Conform
Barefoot test DIN 51097 (CEN/TS 16165, Annex A) Conform
“With shoes” test DIN 12633 (CEN/TS 16165, Annex A) Conform
Friction coefficient B.C.R.A. Rep. CEC/81 Conform
Dynamic friction coefficient ANSI A137.1-2012 Conform
Static friction coefficient ASTM C1028-2007 Conform
Heating system Electromagnetic compliance CEI EN 55014-2 Conform
Electrical safety CEI EN 60335-1 Conform
Water and dust protection IP67 standard CEI EN 62233 Conform
Insulation resistance CEI EN 60529 Conform
Temperature test (from -25 °C to +80 °C) UNI EN 60335-1 / UNI EN 62233 Conform
Structure Vertical compression strength test UNI EN 12825: 2003 par. 5.2.1 Conform
Paint Qualicoat paint - Conform


MARK III is designed to be used for outdoor solutions:

  1. In an open structure with side panels (minimum height of 110 cm).
  2. In a partially open structure with side panels and roof, effective even in poor weather conditions (rain, wind, snow…).
  3. In a completely closed structure in which MARK III’s characteristics will be improved, providing a pleasant heat and a comfortable sensation for the customer.





Finiture Mark III Italywarm

The planking level can be chosen among a wide range of high quality and resistance gres porcelain finishings; with a wood effect, resin or stone.


Finitura White Pine Mark III Italywarm
Finitura Golden Oak Mark III Italywarm
Finitura Silver Fir Mark III Italywarm
Finitura Grey Timber Mark III Italywarm
Finitura Dark Oak Mark III Italywarm







Finitura Gypsum Mark III Italywarm
Finitura Pearl Mark III Italywarm
Finitura Tobacco Mark III Italywarm
Finitura Clay Mark III Italywarm
Finitura Graphite Mark III Italywarm







Finitura Ivory Mark III Italywarm
Finitura Gold Mark III Italywarm
Finitura Silver Mark III Italywarm
Finitura Copper Mark III Italywarm
Finitura Titanium Mark III Italywarm






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